Covid does it still worry you? POLL

I got Covid a couple days after my booster about a year ago. I’ve been sick almost constantly ever since. I’m very concerned about Covid. My immune system is so weak right now I’m sure a second Covid infection would threaten my life.

I have covid right now, and it’s worse each time. I needed a transfusion to raise my white cell count to fight covid. I’m on paxlovid now. I’m so ill right now. I got it while getting over shingles. Life is not fun sometimes. Really. I envy the people can get the vaccinations. It’s worth it. Everyone else in my house got it too, but they are all vaccinated fully, and so got through covid fairly well. Lord I hate covid.

I’ve had five shots for covid and one for the flu

It’s not neutralized at all. Google “immune evasive”.

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Yep. Covid just gets better at infecting with new mutations. It finds a way to bypass the immune system. Thats why they cant keep up with new strains for vaccines.

I also read that we are naive to think the new strains will be weaker and weaker.

Best to not worry too much but to take some sort of precaution and pro active measures

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