COVID can cause brain to shrink!

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Too much alcohol shrinks the whole brain.

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For certain people there isn’t any difference.:grinning:


Good thing i got a huge brain :smirk::crazy_face:

not believing that one day in my life

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Science is not about believing.

Science discovered covid and Science developed a vaccine.

worthless nothingness, why do they keep pushing a 4th vaccine?
science is bullock.

Maybe take your covidiot trash postings to Reddit where they belong?

They are actually talking about a 4th shot. It’s freakking unbelievable.

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this site has become has become discrimination. I was even suspended for it.

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@daze, knock it off.

And science is cool because beliefs don’t matter.

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We can expect twice annual shots – that’s what happens when viruses mutate.

I’d rather have covid and let my brain shrink.

that’s pretty funny. do you have a high forehead.
I always have, don’t know if it has anything to do with sz.

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I don’t know what accounts as a high forehead? I think I’m in the normal range though. You don’t seem to have a high forehead either, judging from your pic.

okay. I think I do though. wore bangs as a kid, seemed to hide it. who knows, might go back to bangs again.

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I think bangs are in fashion. It probably would look good on you. :wink:

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I think not only the brain even the body would shrink due to lack of oxygen. Just like dinos truned to lizard. Wonder what would we turn out to look.

that’s called natural progression.