Covid 19 and me

I was almost certain that I had Covid 19 because I had a relentless, unexplained cough, but I got it checked at the Indian clinic, and the results came back saying “Covid not present”. Shortly after that I got both my vaccines. Now the cough has come back, combined with shortness of breath. I was entering a thrift store a few days ago, and a sign on the front door said, "Do not enter this store if you have any of these symptoms. An unexplained cough and shortness of breath were two of the symptoms. I figured that since I’d had both vaccine shots it wouldn’t hurt for me to go into the store. It seemed like what triggered the cough was when I tore up a piece of expensive breath and poured maple syrup over it, and ate that. Now I am perplexed. I almost wonder if I have some new variant of the Covid virus, but then again, I do eat a lot of sugar …

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My brother’s wife had an unexplained cough, but her covid test came back negative too.

Can you report your symptoms to your doctor though? Especially shortness of breath.

I will see my doctor this week. Maybe he can shed some light.

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