Cover versions you like

I really like placebos remake of Kate bush’s running up that hill.

Placebo - running up that hill

Kate bush - running up that hill

They cover several of Led Zeppelin’s songs and do a good job. Including “Back Dog”, “Kashmir”, and “Stairway to Heaven”.


I remember her well. My sister had several of her records (yes. RECORDS). She was huge in the seventies . I mean a big star. Around that time she was going “steady” with Californians governor at the time (and coincidentally he’s our governor now, 30 years later), Jerry Brown. In fact she almost became the first First Lady who was a music star when Jerry Brown ran for President of the United States. It got a lot of news coverage here.
Sadly, Linda Ronstadt caught some disease a couple of years ago and cannot sing anymore because of it.

Cover of a Michael Nesmith song

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