Cousin butting in

Dont know what to do. My dad is in the hospital according to my cousin she said I need to talk to him and my mom. They are the ones who blocked my number and on Facebook. They want me to break up with my partner. I have been with her for 10 years

If you don’t want to talk to them, don’t.


That’s a long time.
Congratulations on having such s long relationship with your partner.

How are you?

Can you and your parents forgive and accept or tolerate your different views and still be there for each other?

Maybe if you talk to them and make a rule that if you are going to be with them they should stop fighting with you about your partner.

To go and visit your father in hospital is probably what I would do.

Perhaps there is a unconditional forgiving love there not saying you should accept them being nasty or anusive about your partner.

That you can make peace despite having different beliefs .

Wishing you well.


They can go f themselves as far as trying tell you what to do. I had people telling me to break up with my boyfriend of almost ten years. No. I happen to love him. If you love your partner tell them ■■■■. Shut the ■■■■ up.
Lol. Verify with the hospital your dad is there.


I’m ok now just a little worried about my dad. But he doesn’t take his meds correctly, still drinks, smokes cigs and does drugs. Which was part of the reason why we fought. They refused to stop unless I moved in with them without my partner.

Sorry for butting in… :pensive:

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Mate…you live in complicated surrounds!

I don’t think it’s fair that your parents use your partner as a foil in their relationship to you. That isn’t very cool and I’d be just as unimpressed.

I’d go see your dad or contact him but only on your terms. ie your parents have to accept your relationship with your partner!

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If it were my dad, I would go see him if he was in the hospital, but I would just ignore anything said about your partner, and cut the visit short.

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