Court today

I’m not going I’m out of here.

Have fun going back to jail.

I’m going to white sands New Mexico.:shushing_face:

You’re full of it.

I believe most the things you say here are a lie.

You said you were homeless, then mentioned “going home” several times.

It’s clear you’ve been arrested, because you gave way too much information on that.

But you said you went to court and the charges were dropped.

Why are you going back to court?

If you’re going back to court.


Two charges. This is just for the mid. No big deal if I skip it.

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I doubt is ever “no big deal” if you skip court.

I suggest you go, get it over and done.

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It’s too late now. I’m gonna try to get there and see if they’ll still have court.🏃‍♂️


I made it every movie needs a happy ending.

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I got rule 11. 151515


I much prefer a 69.


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