Courage combined with stupidity is a catastrophic fault

Jordan Peterson was decrying the lack of courage in our youth on the internet. While I do agree that large amounts of courage are needed to live, when stupidity and ambition combine with courage the result is too often a catastrophe. I was watching this program on World War I on the internet, and the generals of that time had no idea how lethal modern weapons were. They’d stage drastic attacks across barbed wire on open ground into the teeth of waiting machine guns, and when the attack failed they’d decide it failed because of a “lack of a fighting spirit” among the men, and then they would do the same thing again. I read this short story by a Russian author “Pushkin” named “The Shot”. In this story he said the primary support of morality was courage. This idiot killed thirty-one people in duels. He died in a duel. There were times and places in the past where they would fight a duel if one guy just brushed against another guy. A soldiers know there are times when they must face death. That’s part of the deal when a soldier enlists. But no soldier wants to die because of stupidity. That is something every army has to constantly fight against. When courage is combined with stupidity it is a disaster.


Some of what Peterson writes is common sense you would have gotten from a grandparent. Some of it is out there.

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