Couples - Are you okay with your partner vacationing with friends separately?

This is a no for me. Like I would be home alone taking care of the dogs.
Just curious, cause I been hearing a lot of people plan vacation with the guys or gals.
My married sisters just came back from an all women’s trip.
Just made me perplexed.

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Nope nope definitely no
i can only cope with my hubby being away from me a couple of hours and then my stress levels go thru the roof
i’m really not good being alone with paranoia and anxiety

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Stick to your guns with what makes you comfortable Kxev if its not going to work then so be it

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Maybe its normal for normal people. @spaceoptic yes- my husband is planning to have a friend and her son over this summer. And has given me the option to opt out on excursions whenever I want and engage as much as I can only handle. A lot of stress and kind of loose loose situation for me.

i dunno, i’ve never been normal

i guess i hear of it

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My husband and I have seperate little vacations all the time.

He goes and visits his friends,

I visit mine.

Recently I stayed home and watched the dogs while he went to LA for a few days.

It’s good to give each other space and freedom.

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I think I maybe too co-dependent.

This does sound normal and healthy.


We’ve all got our relationship hang ups.

This is just not mine.

Don’t feel bad.

Do you guys have nights out alone?

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Yes i am quite comfortable with separate vacations. We do that often.

We are both quite independant

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We don’t do anything seperately because I don’t allow it.

But having a choice of socializing or opting out is definitely - both not good choices for me.

What are you afraid of happening?

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I wouldn’t care. I’ve gone on trips with buddies without my ex-gf’s and vice versa.

i don’t see the problem. They can cheat on you just as easily on a trip as they can around town.

I don’t get jealous and clingy and I don’t want a girlfriend who does.

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Socializing - the ability to be present / have conversation / not having a way to escape.

Being alone - scares me to death how I will manage taking care of myself. Like he was gonna go out to Arkansas to visit her - but we negotiated to her coming here.

I feel like you’d probably fair just fine by yourself.

Maybe you should have your husband go on like a day long hike and see how you do.

It may not be comfortable, but it’s possible.

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Yes as I go on trips with my travel friends just have not recently. He’s gonna go scotland with his friends and I want him to have his own life too.

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