Country agressor threatens to detonate schools in my country

500 schools in my country got messages which are in Russian language,
In those messages it’s said that 11:30 am* school and kindergartens will explode.
OMG… police says Russia probably is only threatening. Though, still, anxiety and stress level until 11:30 will be high.
Who knows what will happen

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Estonia and Latvia got the same messages from Russians

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I read more about it, and it’s probably only threatening from Russia. They want to create chaos in our minds and in Europe
Because in Latvia and Estonia nothing exploded
still, it’s so sad these threats are happening

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May be it’s some other countries pretending to be Russian. Possibilities are there. Not to worry.

We can’t believe anything. I just got a message from Morocco I just blocked it and reported it.


I believe its Russians threats.

Ofc it could be some group which wants to spread fear in all baltic countries.
but overall what’s the reason behind spreading fear?

All the media in my country is bombarded with these news…

Oh I don’t find anything in my side of internet.

Could you post any article that states the same…

it’s in Lithuanian
you will need to translate

‘Coordinated attack’: Schools in Lithuania flooded with bomb threats

I only found this in EN

Yes I translated and read ~600+ letters my god where is it even heading.

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terrible things are hapenning in the world.

i have no words

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Also the things which are hapenning at the moment in Israel.
Hell… I never pray, but I feel like I need to start.

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Technically, we arent supposed to link to non english speaking sites, but I’m not going to be the one to flag this.

This may be to political, but I’ll be happy too take a flag on this if necessary:

The fact is the Russian government is full of Bullies and liars who like to spread fear and chaos by making threats they dont follow through on(fortunately). Not all that long ago they made nuclear promises against the UK by a certain date. You cant take one word from them at face value. They don’t have a shred of credibility.

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IDK. I don’t want to spread fear but…
They threatened Ukraine for many years until real war started.
It’s 50/50 possibility. No one knows what actually will happen.
But I wish the best for all world. Peace is what all normal citizens want. Sadly it’s less and less peace worldwide

And I won’t share any articles which are not in EN anymore.
Sorry for that

I’m not a mod anymore, but there is a good chance this will be closed down once the mods wake up.

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It’s okay.
Overall I know it’s not the best place for talk about wars. People have their own problems and want to feel safe here,
Just felt quite scared. Not best excuse but

That’s kind of my point. No credibility. They may do something. They may not. But you can’t rely on what they say as any indicator of what will actually happen. What they say is mostly irrelevant.

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Truth. It’s the least reliable country in the world.

Their words can mean anything… and sometimes as you say it’s even better. When as an example their words do not become reality

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Please don’t post non-English links and this thread is too political.