Counting down the days

Til I go to school. 35 days. 5 weeks. Can’t come sooner. There’s a girl there I’ve been texting non-stop the last 3-4 days and she’s counting the days too. She says she can’t wait to meet me. She’s reading my book right now. We have so much in common and get along so well! And shes very understanding of mental illness. Oh well nothing I can do…it just rained and thunder and lightninged harder than I’ve ever seen it rain before…I was out getting ice cream when it started. Got soaking wet. Almost lost one of my lucky charm bracelets for sobriety but then I found it


why don’t you just meet her now? if you both are so eager I would think that would be appropriate…good for you for writing a book. I’m an author too but very small sales.

problem is school is a 5 hour plane ride away for me :slight_smile:

ohhhh o k…gotcha’. yeah, the suspense on that kind of relationship can get pretty exciting. good for you @turningthepage

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