Count the things you did right

Never leave a life experience looking back regretting what you did wrong. Because its more than likely you did more things right than you did wrong.


This is difficult for me because I have screwed up the big things like school and relationships and some friendships. Well I guess friendships just fade with time.

I have never seriously offended anyone.
I have quit taking drugs.

I have done some many other things wrong that is what this makes me think about.

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I have been consumed by guilt and shame and regret from my selfish days, my drug days, the things I did to my life, my sister’s life, my family… my huge mistakes and my pure self destructions…

But it’s been told to me a lot lately that I now know for sure what I don’t want to be. It’s given me a lot of clarity on who I want to become.

So If I was a horrid person who managed to over come all this and become a good person, then the journey had a point.

You’ve quit drugs. :tada: :thumbsup: :smile:

As far as relationships… when I quit drugs and drinking, people started returning into my life. They didn’t leave me because I was SZ. They left because I was a cussing, abusive drunk or a pure wasted out stoner with nothing to add to life. When that was no longer me, people came back.

I have a feeling, as you heal, people will come. School will come back, and you’ll catch up.

Quitting drugs is a huge step and it really makes life so much easier. It’s hard being patient, but patience is what needs to happen. You’re doing great and very soon you’ll be gaining the time you think you’ve lost.


I lose track of the path. Birds come along and eat the bread crumbs. I’m left with where I stand.


Which would be a new start everytime~*

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, …

…5,000,000, 5,000,001, 5,000,002, 5,000,003, 5,000,004…

…1,000,000,000, 1,000,000,001, 1,000,000,002, 1,000,000,003, 1,000,000,004,…

…when the heck does it begin to show sings of positive feedback?

first i have to learn to count…4,10,633…1…mmmmmm…i’ll get back to you.
take care

Yes. It’s almost better than getting there.

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Hmm… I can count 4 things I have done right. And… About 1,768 things I do wrong each day. Aye, hopefully the good outweighs the bad.

Yeah I figured the average sZ looks at themselves in a negative manner a negative past. Like God didn’t love them that is why he gave them sZ. Like they have a chip on their shoulder, like they are struck with bad luck. Like God just made it that bad for them. Its a downward spiral. We have trouble lifting our head up. Low self esteem. Its part of the symptoms. But when you control the symptoms and start being successful. Forget the things that plagued your past. And form a newer self esteem, with confidence, sense of humor. Basically everything sZ takes from you, is it really gone, or do you still have it you?

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good post. Yeah I find that I actually handled psychosis pretty well when I was unmedicated and undiagnosed. I did some stupid â– â– â– â– , puked everywhere, my friends had to stick me in a bathtub where I allegedly played with my dick and spoke gibberish. I also got really drunk when I was having a get together with old classmates at my house, and in my room, where it was me and the guys, I started watching porn and playing with my dick. Too many people have seen my erect â– â– â– â– â– .

I also did really retarded â– â– â– â–  while drunk and psychotic, like get committed to a crisis assessment center by seven cops, run through a thorn bush in shorts and then my friends had to take care of the bloody mess and thorns stuck in my shins, projectile vomit at my birthday party, pee in public (no one said anything) aggressively hit on girls, throw chairs across my backyard, puke on a friends carpet, pass out with my face in a toilet at a party and this really sweet girl from my class took care of me, show up to parties drunk, smoke weed and skip my meds and then have a breakdown in front of people at a party, oh boy I could write a book about what I have done wrong.

But on Saturday I drove two people to a big party and carried my super size water bottle and took care of the drunks and made them drink water and talked to everyone.

I did a lot of things right but I dont want to go on another rant about those. Its funny what I did wrong. My friends and I laugh about it now. Hell I am laughing right now. Its funny as â– â– â– â– !

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I did absolutely nothing right all my life. My life was a complete and total mess until the year 2005, when I met God and became confirmed into the Catholic church. Ever since then, I’ve had my problems, but God seems to make everything
all right, in spite of it all.

I could count the things I did right on one hand.