Count Chocula FTW!

When I was a little boy, Mom would put me in the grocery cart and I’d always sneak Count Chocula cereal into the basket.

We’d get to the cash and Mom would say ‘No!’…but it never stopped me from trying.

Was there anything special that you used to sneak into the grocery cart?


Drugs, hookers, firearms and an occasional Three Musketeers bar.


Ha ha ha ha ha sure your mum loved that.

I was embarrassed if they said no so I didn’t try I don’t think cause they had set things they bought.

I enjoyed going to the cheese deli shop and trying a slice of cheese before you buy it.

I wasn’t aloud chips n lollies etc from super market.

I had no say in the grocery shopping except for Philadelphia cheese and bread rolls I used to get with my own pocket money sometimes.

My mum taught me I have no superiors but she may be the bossiest person I know ha ha ha ha n if you don’t do as she says or have different taste or opinions she gets furious.

I’m in soooooo much trouble when she finds out about my tattoos.
Seriously scary stuff!

My friends only reason for not getting tattoos is she’s scared of her parents.ha ha ha ha

I’m not overjoyed about getting yelled at etc but I am my own person with my own taste.

I don’t dress well mainly because I find dressing difficult.

My favourite style is gothic but I don’t dress that way.

I dress like a dag.

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What’s a dag, @SacredNeigh7?
I imagine you look good in anything!

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:slightly_smiling_face:Thank you ha ha ha

A dag is someone who dresses in ugly clothes or clothes that don’t go together and they can’t put clothes together and what they are wearing just doesn’t look good.

I am mostly a dag.

I find myself wearing things that don’t go together.

My main focus is simplicity and comfort.

To my great delight I got some gothic shoes today and I adore them.
They are definitely not daggy and I may have a little black dress or more that would go with them.
I love them so much.
If they are comfortable they are Best Buy ever as I need comfortable.
They have a tiny heel and are cute .:two_hearts:

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If you know it, can’t you pick out clothes that are both comfortable and kinda go together? It don’t have to be perfect. I like when women wear those simple cotton summer dress things that go about halfway to the knee. So sexy and they look comfortable.

You looked really good in pictures and seemed to dress fine. I’m not judging or being critical, I’m usually in jeans and a t-shirt myself.

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Yes those little dresses are easy to wear but more difficult winter time specially as I don’t have many winter clothes.

Today I wore jeans,boots,long sleeve black top and a black knitted vest and a white and grey scarf.

It didn’t go together but I didn’t have much to choose from and it’s cold.

When I took the vest of it looked good I think.

My dads wife gave me her second hand summer clothes so that should be simple enough to wear.

I often dress in my beanie and tracksuit pants.

I will try to make more of a effort.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

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