Could you still be loved with premature aging. No one is going to want me andi feel depressed. I want to die because im ugly

Others were laughing at me for having premature aging no one will want me and im scared to date i have never been in love and im terrified.

I have no idea if you are ugly or not. You are likely just being too hard on yourself. But there are a gazillion people in the world that consider themselves ugly. Hardly a reason to wish for death. There are a lot of other things in life to consider.

Another point to make is, even if you were completely hideous, why not just find an unattractive person to be with?


I think you should consider making another post in the positive affirmations thread:

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Because not even they want me.

Ugly people have more personality.

Why do you think you’re aging prematurely?

Stress. Lack of sleep. Working early

That’s just normal fatigue, not prematurely aging. And I don’t know if your hair is going gray but lots of younger people have gray hair and it looks good on them. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

No one wants me either. But I love me, you must accept that first.

I have fine lines and wrinkles forming

So what?! How old are you?

23 years of age i feel like a freak

Is your skin too dry? Do you smoke? Try using face moisturizer. I highly doubt you look old or ugly