Could we have a hug option

is there any way we could have the option not only to like someones post but a hug option I don’t know much about technology but if someones having a hard time you don’t want to like their post but a hug might be welcome just a thought.


I don’t want a hug.

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I’ll take his. :wink:



And a handshake option as well.

Im not one for hugs to be honest.

Just a simple earnest handshake will do fine.

Or a high five would be cool to.

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I want what all men want. I just want it more.

Funny quote I read the other day

You mean HERS?..

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Yeah. Thanks. .

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I think the heart can speak for any sentiment. ‘I feel for you.’

I think we already have that option - isn’t there an emoji for that?

Hmmm - maybe not - but something close…


Unfortunately - while I agree with the need for something like this in our forums - most forums aren’t going to need it so I suspect it won’t be implemented.

no what I mean is when you are able to like someones post with a heart maybe we could have a hug option there id its possible?

how about a :rabbit: bunny hug option…
ssssooooooo snuggly !?!
take care from the sane :alien: and his best friend the :bug: bug .


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They have it in psychcentral. I thought about this aswell. Unfortunately ‘hugging’ does lend itself to ego stroking, not exclusively though, and users who are more melodramitic will look to be indulged. I also feel it can lead to codependency between users and it enables destructive behaviour ,

if users receive hugs for something destructive then they are more likely to continue with further negative actions because they feel weirdly validated by the wider community. Here a person is usually validated because a person likes or agrees with what was said. Eg its hard to ‘like’ suicidal ideation , but very easy to give a hug for it. if a person wishes to respond to the above said behaviour in , they have to articulate themselves , which is healthier for all concerned

I agree with you. Heart is more suitable for forum discussions.