Could this be why my executive functioning is so poor


For executive functioning, COMT Val/Val patients performed in a similar range as controls (30.70-33.26 vs. 35.53-35.67), but as COMT Met allele frequency increased, executive functioning worsened. COMT Met/Met patients carrying the DRD3 Ser/Ser genotype performed poorest (16.184 vs. 27.388-31.824). Scores of carriers of this COMT/DRD3 combination significantly differed from all DRD3 Gly/Gly combinations (p < 0.05), from COMT Val/Met DRD3 Ser/Gly (p = 0.02), and from COMT Val/Val DRD3 Ser/Ser (p = 0.01) in patients. It also differed significantly from all control scores (p < 0.001).

My results: RS6280 SER/SER TT DRD3
RS 4680 MET/MET AA Val158Met