Could Social Security be spying on me?

Twice now I saw this small car with some kind of contractor sticker on the side pull up in front of my house. The yard is big so it was obviously not in front of the neighbors house, or across the street. There are bushes in front so I couldn’t tell what the guy was doing and didn’t ask. When I applied for SSDI I told them I could still do stuff like mow the lawn and do a couple of hours of light work, but it still has me concerned, being the paranoid and anxious person I am. Does anyone have any experience with this? Anyone been spied on? I don’t have anything to hide, but the whole thing seems strange.

They don’t get enough funding to be out there spying on people. They look at your bank records when you first apply, but that’s it. You do need to keep a good record of paying your bills. You can use checks or direct deposit online.

Tell yourself he’s just a repair man until you believe it.


Could he have been conducting some sort of survey? Code inspections? Had the wrong house perhaps? Just some poor lost soul on the highway of life given incorrect directions to his destination?

It’s not the social security administration. Just relax and go about your day.

I used to think the police were staking out my house when in fact it was just a convenient spot to conduct a speed trap.


Spying on an average SSDI recipient seems far-fetched. That car probably has nothing to do with you. Look at it this way. There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people who are receiving SSDI. Social Security would not have the time, the manpower or the resources to spy on them all. If you are just an average Joe, then they would not bother with you.