Could other 'people' be demons who become 'human' when I interact with them?

I need to make sense of my place in the simulation. Please let’s not turn this into a religious discussion. Today I felt really paranoid about other people at the shelter’s canteen being demons. I’m sure it was just anxiety and existential dread, but I need to discuss this so I know I’m not going psychotic, just victim of an overactive imagination.

The answer is “no”, they couldn’t. …and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but thinking other people are demons sounds an awful lot like psychosis to me.

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When I’m psychotic,

I see demons.

Sometimes they are people, sometimes not.

I’m not saying you are psychotic,

But I think you should go over these symptoms with your doctor.

I know you think you’re making progress without meds,

And feel better,

But you’re slipping further into the abyss, man.

It’s not an overactive imagination, you’re not well.


It is theoretically possible but having these feelings and paranoia is not healthy, maybe you should talk with your psychiatrist about it.


You should read this awesome book about a man who after a night of drugs wakes up as an ape in an ape world.

It is hilarious, disturbing and a great read.

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Thanks, and I will discuss it with my psychiatrist this friday, but it’s not a fully fledged belief, just a state of mind, probably I spend too much time alone.

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Will Self is cool, I haven’t read this one though. I’ll look into it.


I admit I’m a bit scared.

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This is beginning to look like it is impinging on your life. Altering your perspectives and making the world seem unreal.

I am worried for you. Your philosophic ideology and contemplations have taken hold of you in the living world and I fear you are going down the rabbit hole.

Go for a run and take a cold shower and thus ground yourself.

Learn to stop ruminating by taking up meditation.

Speak to doctor about your worries if need be.

This world is very real even if it could be a simulation. Hospitals are real, pain and suffering is real. Living in your head can be too much at times. Be practical, go for a bike ride and breathe the air.


When psychotic before I saw demons as light clouds that latched onto other living things, and I could see them controlling the behaviour of people. It was a scary time. This went on for over a year, and I literally was just interacting with the images being projected around other people.

Too much Acid mixed with a tendency to become Schizophrenic.

My LSD trips were very bad in some cases. I want to kick the guys ass who got me to take the liquid stuff on a sugar cube, as I have never been the same since.

The enlightenment it gave me was way above my standing in society.

I too have had that liquid stuff on sugar cubes. I’ve always wondered if that couldve been the beginning of my mental problems.

I’ve never done LSD, and I don’t really experience hallucinations, so I guess I;m just being overdramatic.

I would advise sticking to the paper tabs if you ever decide to do it.

The liquid stuff is not a safe dose, as it’s a bottle of concentrate, and it’s ■■■■■■■ evil stuff

No but they can mess with inner demons haha

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Constant skepticism when it affects function is not healthy. Phenomenon exist and they have cause and effect implications that affect every facet of life. The greater question would be how to live a good life not I’m skeptical of all of reality so now I don’t believe in cause and effect implications. If you work in medicine you learn at one point that medicines have cause and effect; if you did not believe this foundational truth you could hurt a patient. Sorry to hear you’re struggling. Keep striving. Good things.



Much appreciated.

I think you mean some humans are more likely to be demons than angels. Yes, a view people ray out something scary, but most people ray good vibes.

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