Could nicotine withdrawal be causing my hallucinations?

Yesterday I decided to stop vaping.

After a few hours, I started hallucinating, and they were different hallucinations than I’m used to.
I usually have auditory hallucinations, this was paranoia and visuals.
Today, tactile hallucinations came into play too. I’m more used to those, but they were different in character than they usually are.

I couldn’t pay attention in class because I was so focused on reminding myself that there wasn’t really blood running down my head.

I’ve also been extremely restless, but I attribute that to the nicotine withdrawal.

Is there a correlation between withdrawal and the other symptoms, or is it just coincidence?


I feel the same. That if I quit nicotine I will have more hallucinations. I don’t know if there’s a correlation.

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I’m not the only one! Everytime I try to quit, my paranoid thoughts kick in. I don’t know why. I guess some schizo’s need their nicotine.

Theoretically it shouldn’t make a difference. Vaping doesn’t affect levels of any antipsychotic.

Smoking tobacco does affect the levels of SOME antipsychotics.

But in practice who knows.

In withdrawal you may be under more stress which manifests as hallucinations and a worsening of symptoms, nicotine is the recreational drug of choice for schizophrenics, I use 18mg liquid but most people these days use 6mg or 3mg, you could slowly reduce your nicotine intake by lowering the nicotine level just like titrating down meds. It’s always a good thing to quit nicotine but it may be helping you, nobody would suggest to keep smoking and although vaping is better and I would much rather you vaped than smoked it might be useful to get some NRT such as patches to wean off the nicotine more slowly.

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I agree with the poster above who says it’s related to stress.

I was symptomatic when getting off of nicotine. I forget how long the increased symptoms lasted…

Probably better off the taper down nicotine. I used the lozenge. It took me 4 years to get off the nicotine.

Have you tried reducing it slowly? Maybe if you stop immediately there is a correlation, I don’t know. I try to quit but I’m afraid

It’s probably from stress also from not getting your fix.

When I try to stop my addiction it gets hard cause my voices are really bad trying to convince me to cave.

But it normally passes with time.

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