Could my voices be demonic

I’ve been struggling with hearing voices since last October but for six months I believed that the voice was here to help me I only would talk to the voice when weird things would come up I’ve done psychedelics and tried to discover what it ment I had no fear at first the voice I hear is manly he told me to leave my boyfriend because I was on the wrong path he also has told me that everything is one even the walls can have life I started to see signs in my life example I saw three birds when I thought a positive statement in my head when I start hating I would see two birds fly over I started to believe that older people can hear my thoughts and I was told I’m an animal and don’t have things to worry about I’ve been pretty depressed my whole life because I had invested in my worries the voice told me at first he’s here to heal my depression it was magical at first I thought I had my place I even have people come up to me and tell me I have a wild soul or whatever the ■■■■ haha I didn’t have the guts to leave my ex because I thought I was in love after we broke up I had an anxiety attack and he just left and I believe anxiety is fake so I started to do more psychedelics with strangers and had a telepathy experience on one to which I knew it was a bad idea I started to not listen to the voice at this point then it turned on me I can’t stop thinking the whole world hears me the voice it brings up memories from incest tells me I’m worthless and stupid and I don’t know ■■■■ and you should probably kill yourself it only turned bad after I have in trying to get my ex back… I’ve lost all my friends and the voice tells me my family are decoys and I can’t even be around people anymore and I used to be such a social person I don’t know what’s happening I don’t even have friends anymore because I think I need to move on from them too but I think I hear other people’s thoughts and they hear this scary ass demon I keep making rascist comments at work and everything is fake I’ve had some homeless people say they can hear me and old people too I’m very lost I’m scared to go to a therapist because medication is the last thing I want I just want to know if I was tricked somehow by own head or something just demonic

Demonic? No, absolutely not. The voices/delusions are symptoms of an illness that is treatable through medication and therapy. Meds and therapy are your fastest past back to reclaiming as normal a life as possible.

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What if the medication is here to make you even more sick I know the answer is I need to just be quiet in my head and medication is here for that but the side effects look ■■■■■■ people coming up to me though in real life telling me I need to watch my head or be careful these days especially idk I just want to say it’s all in my head but wtf some people can hear really hear thoughts third eye?

The side effects aren’t wonderful, but I’ve survived them for 25 years and counting. The crap in my head no longer rules all of it, but now sits in a corner where it can’t do more than irritate me a bit. I’m functional. I have a family, a career, and respect in my community. I have all of this while taking meds as directed. Recovery is possible, but I’ve never seen meaningful recovery without meds. The ones who white knuckle it without meds never sound all that good after you’ve talked to them a bit (THEY think they’re healthy, but they obviously aren’t).

Someone speaking from experience,

Don’t, and I mean don’t go down that path of thought about your experiences,
Even how dark and dampened these experiences seem to be.

This just led me to years and years of spiritual psychosis.

Getting that grandiose cause of this being spiritual is a devil and hell in and out,
Just someone who has been down that route, like 40% of schizophrenics who think this has spiritual roots.

Honestly it’s a overactive imagination,
Brain illness or self problems however you wish to see it,

Just giving personal accounts that reasoning that what was going on in my head was spiritual, was a downward spiral for me, but your the only one who can choice what is real.
Just my input of someone who went down that road for 5 years or more.

Honest truth no it isn’t, honest truth it is not the devil,
It’s a brain illness, imagination or maybe self development issues etc.

"The only thing wrong spirituality with someone who has schizophrenia, is thinking that schizophrenia is anything spiritual."
easy going

I’d talk to your close ones, pdoc, therapist about this if those people/ resources are available.

Psychoeducation may be helpful.

All simple and Day by day, I apologize if this post sounds heinous, hopefully you feel better about these worries bothering you.


Thank you for that I’m in half way beliving it! Good to hear its all in my mind

I can speak from personal experience that I’ve had side effects on meds , but I’ve been helped by my drs to pick the right one and I don’t have any with the ones I am on. You need to accept the help to work towards feeling the peace you want.


I hope things get better and you feel better,
my mind can get so restless and dim and confusing at times.
It helps me a bit if I try to take things slow and spread out the time or keep busy.

Wish you don’t have to worry about these things,:slightly_frowning_face:
I get so lost in my worries at times.
Lost and paranoid.

if you have resources for your mental health, (medication,therapist, close ones to help you ,psychoeducation,self-therapy, people to talk to etc.) available ,
I’d use them.
Hope something good can work,
Have a beautiful day.

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Quit the psychedelic drugs and all your voices and delusions will disappear like magic.

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Meds aren’t perfect and they have to find the right meds it can take years
I was on risperidone and it worked for 7 years then one day it stopped working and it took the doctors about 3 years to find a new one geodon and its still not perfect

Yeah, thanks for that. Hadn’t noticed myself.