Could mental illnesses be an autoimmune being caused by something?

Could mental illnesses be an autoimmune being caused by something?

"The vaccination might display autoimmune side effects and potentially even trigger a full-blown autoimmune disease. This susceptibility to vaccine-induced autoimmunity is probably determined also by genetic predisposition, which further emphasizes the importance of “the mosaic of autoimmunity”

Its a minor theory, its very rare if possible.
The strongest currently used theory for positive symptoms is the dopamine theory. For negative symptoms its the glutamate theory. New meds use both theories to treat positive and negative symptoms like Lumateperone.

We have a user here who is recently on Lumateperone.

Or maybe those are symptoms of schizophrenia and not the cause?

Which? Its just easier to fix symptoms by fixing neurotransmitters than fixing genetics. It just works.

The positive and “negative” symptoms of schizophrenia are from schizophrenia its not the cause…

There really is barely any idea of what causes mental illness. Even things like the dopamine theory have very little evidence backing them up and are solely based on the idea that meds that decrease dopamine help symptoms. But when they actually run studies looking at dopamine in people with psychosis’ brains, there is no difference in level of dopamine, or the studies were done on people already on meds that influence dopamine so it is not possible to tell what differences were natural and what was caused by the meds.

As for the autoimmune vaccine thing it is very rare, but definitely very unfortunate for those it affects. Also note that these studies have found that literally anything can trigger autoimmune disorders in these people, sickness itself can trigger it, stress, injury. So even if they went their whole lives not getting a single vaccine, it is likely they would still get their disorder because their body is predisposed to it for whatever reason.

I am of the belief that there is a very wide range of causes for various mental illnesses and we should be careful about taking a “one cure treats all” approach.

? I know positive and negative symptoms are symptoms of sz…

The dopamine theory is because scientists found that raising dopamine with drugs like cocaine caused psychosis. Antipsychotics lowered the dopamine and fixed the positive symptoms if sz.

For some reason you can’t correctly read what I said but its ok

Can you be more clear? You mean its genetic the main cause?

All i’m saying is if we know that vaccinations do cause autoimmune disorders and it’s speculated that schizophrenia might be because of an autoimmunity problem than maybe our paranoia like being poisoned is justified, and like the study says I believe it does depend on the persons genes on how they will react to being vaccinated.

Obviously not everyone is getting the same autoimmunity problem when being vaccinated but it might manifest itself into other things like mental illnesses.

Its possible but I don’t think scienstists know which genes will react to the vaccine.

Actually I think that mental illnesses are in some ways related to autoimmunity problems I remember seeing some research about it

Scientists don’t know the single cause of sz, they say its 80% genetics, 20% drugs, stress, trauma, viruses (vaccines?) etc (Wikipedia)

What we know is that meds work for the positive symptoms and soon for the negatives.

Yea the antipsychotics obviously work for psychosis symptoms but its not perfect its like throwing a wrench in a washing machine to fix it

Schizophrenia is not an autoimmune disorder but there are a plenty of organic diseases that cause psychosis, like parkinson’s disease, dementia, delirium, multiple sclerosis, endocrine diseases (e.g. hyper/hypothyroidism), B12 deficiency, metabolic disorders, SLE (lupus) and other autoimmune diseases etc.

Imagine if having a physical illness means that you’ll get psychosis as a result. That’s super scary.

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What is it then? What’s a “physical” illness? What is psychosis considered to be if it’s not a “physical” illness? Mental illness? Isn’t the brain an organ? If where going to categorize different parts of the body as being physical or mental then what makes the brain a such a different organ?

Too high or too low levels of dopamine can be problematic when it comes to optimal mental well being .

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