Could it really just be schizophrenia?

Long story short. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia 3 years ago. I attended Ole’Miss and had a job at Barnes &Noble. When Nicki Minaj called me she said I sounded like a girl ,and further into the call she had her assistants hang up in my face because I was crying due to my idol calling me. ( never will idolize a person again) but anyways when she hung up on me I call my weed man and bought marijuana like I usually do to calm me down, however it triggered schizophrenia. I believe her calling me and the marijuana triggered it. I became instantly paranoid and thought nicki minaj has intentionally called to kill me. I started thinking everyone around me was on her side. When I called my mom to come pick me up out of my apartment that I destroyed looking for cameras, I went home believing my family was against me. They did nothing to make it better but suggest I go to the doctor. I waited awhile to do so. But, I heard a song in my head while I was sleep that woke me up simultaneously some minutes into the song. I ended up researching the lyrics “ And if you understand me, then you can overwhelm me
It’s too late, it’s too late
Every finish line is the beginning of a new race“. It was a j lo and lil Wayne song. Remember this part okay! I had never heard this song before. I ended up going to the hospital and they said Nicki didn’t like a post on my Instagram even though I had proof and that she didn’t call me. That added that to me being delusional. They gave me the max dosages. I left but I still was paranoid. I ended up going back to school because I wanted to be something in life, I had dreams and aspirations. I wanted a family one day also. But when I went back I couldn’t focus in class. I thought everyone was out to get me. I kept walking out of clas, I quit my job telling my manager I stole something when I didn’t. I was afraid that she was after me so I needed an excuse to say I quit. Just stressed and paranoid. I dropped out that year and went back the next year but the same thing persisted. I was paranoid. I ended up dropping out again and not going back. I decided to go back home ,but I ended up fleeing back to my apartment because I thought my family was after me. When I went back to my apartment I locked my self in my room and vowed to never come out, but something magical happened . . In my sleep I started to hear songs again. Pop songs, rap songs, country songs, all types of songs . But these songs weren’t even produced in the world. I also heard the beats and melodies to them. I research the lyrics I could remember but they didn’t come up on the internet . None of the songs “had been produced on earth. “ and then the voice told me to “ keep going ,your going to make it.” I woke with a smile and got up that day and left my apartment for the first time in weeks. And then a voice told me “ you’ll be the most beautiful and humble person in the world.” I cired and went on with my day. I’d always hear the voice and songs in my sleep and I would wake up out of my sleep right isn’t he middle of the song or what the voice was saying. And the. Something mysterious really happened. The voice told me to analyze the 13th amendment! I did and found out it was a loop hole in the amendment. There is still slavery allowed in America. I went on a rant on social media and told my family about it. But everyone thought nothing of it. They thought it was just my illness. They didn’t even think nothing was wrong with the 13th amendment so I started to think the same. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe all of this is just an illness. But God led me to this page where one of the post said look at the movie 13th , it’s a Netflix original. I did and these intellectuals were saying it was a loop hole in the 13th amendment and slavery is still present in America. This can’t just be an illness. It has to be more, between the songs and the voices saying special things to me. This has to be some divine power that is helping me and helped me. And now 3 years later im back to my old self. I do have some thoughts now and then but I can control them. Also it’s things I didn’t put here that are amazingly supernatural. Superstitious. What do you think of this?


That’s a long story im not reading