Could i walk a cat?

i know i can walk a dog. but can i walk a cat?

  • yes
  • no

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When I lived in my auto in America, I had a black cat Minx and he learned to follow me when I whistled, I may have left him on the campus of the S-FIU and after the evening I whistled and he came and followed me to my auto, he also went fishing with me in Key West, maybe one of the rare cats who have traveled across America and back … I would say you can walk a cat, cats just need to be taught.


It’s up to the cat. These two dingbats I have now? No way. But my previous cat loved to walk with me (of his own accord, not on a leash). He also thought I was a nitwit when it came to outdoor safety, so felt I needed to be watched lest I walk into traffic or lay facedown in a puddle and drown.


The question isn’t can you walk a cat, but will your cat allow you to walk it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If a cat isn’t in the mood to walk, it isn’t going to. They do whatever they want. I have seen some cat’s leash trained, but I don’t think it’s very common.


Ours got scared sh hit less when we put a collar on it and took it outside.
It looked like an octopus with all this frantic scratching on the cement trying to drag itself back inside.

So embarrassing.

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My daughter walks her sphynx cat (hairless) from time to time, but he’s more like a dog in my respects.

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I have never had success in walking a cat

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if by walking, you mean standing in one spot while your cat sniffs random items outside, then yes, you can walk a cat. My cat has a leash and harness. Getting him into the harness was a tough process of catching him and contorting his body to get into the harness involuntarily.

When I opened the door, though, he ran through it like he forgot he was on a leash. I was hoping to get down the stairwell and maybe down the firelane, but sadly he just took 3 steps and spent a long time sniffing the apartment wall. Then he took about the same amount of steps again and sniffed that part of the wall. It was boring. I took him back inside after like 5 minutes of him sniffing different things within a 6 foot radius.

I’ve been meaning to try again, because he’s getting restless indoors. I plan on giving him a treat to get into the harness, now, too!

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i wonder what would be good for a cat’s feet.

Your cat seemed to not mind the leash too much. Personally, in my experience, I’ve never seen a happy cat on a leash.


I had an outdoor/indoor cat… when we moved from Ohio to Arizona we had to put him on a leash for bathroom breaks and stretching from the long car ride…he didn’t seem to mind from what I remember, but for just daily no way.

My cats enjoy when we are all outside together, but they don’t walk with us. They run off and do their own thing, and check in on us from time to time. But they’re indoor/outdoor cats who can come and go as they please. They’re used to freedom. I don’t know if you can do that in a city. We live in the middle of nature, and own a decent amount of land.

I knew a man who would walk his dog on a leash every day and night and would walk his cat too (not on a leash). His cat would walk beside him. I used to think that was so cool.

I’ve walked my cat before… He kept rolling around and trying to play with the leash so we didn’t make it very far. Some random people approached me and we joked about it… then they asked me if I sold weed. Lol. But hey, every cat is different!

ive seen a giant python being leash walked… idk how you walk something that has no legs but if you can walk a snake walking a cat sounds easy…

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