Could I have OCD instead of psychosis?

like my delusions werent actually delusions but intrusive thoughts instead

since i dont have hallucinations

You seem to think you have many diseases. Its more likely that your Drs are right.

i just think i have ocd and autism, ive been dxd with autism

You said you had BPD.

i was suspecting it but not anymore

what does “deceises” mean?

The poster couldn’t spell diseases. And they were out of line with that comment

yeah i guess lol

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why r u so adamant on what “mental illness”/ “diagnosis” u have? does it really matter that much ? u still have to take ur pills no matter it is depression , anxiety /schizophrenia. and imo u do have more illness than u percieve, ur doctor is right. You can of course get off the meds and see ur mind fall apart with ur brain going on a destruction path.

it matters because there are different meds for different illnesses
you wouldnt treat diabetes with antibiotics either

stop bxxshxt , off ur meds and keep going on a path of self-destruction, u are much welcome. Go ahead

im not going off my meds what are you on?

none 1234568878

im sorry if i hurt ya but what do you have against me