Could I have hypomania?

How do you distinguish between Mania and impulse due to boredom?

what do you mean?

I would say it’s a bit of an after the fact diagnosis but if you do the following: spend money irresponsibility, take risks sexually, delusions of grandeur, and other thinks you might do if you were way over confident

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Ah well, sometimes I feel like I should be achieving more than I am right now. Like I’m really bored with how slow my progress so I get a little impulsive, but it’s not as bad as Moonwalker has described it.

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are you agitated?

yeah most of the time I am lol

how many hours did you sleep last night?

Oh like 12… I sleep atleast 12 houra every night.

was it drug induced(sleep aid)? Are you bipolar? Are you on a mood stabilizer?

I take Ativan for sleep. I’ve never been diagnosed with Bipolar but I was Schizoaffective depressive type at one point, not sure what it meant. No mood stabilizer…

For me it’s definitely the pills that cause all these signs of hypomania, needing to work, etc. Not sure what to do about it… I suggest resting until you feel really ready. I got restless and jumped back into working only to learn the hard way that it was causing me a lot of unhappiness.

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Ah yes restless, thats how I feel.

I’m not a dr obviously but I don’t really see why you think you’re hypomanic, are you running around talking a lot? Are you in a super great mood or super agitated? Do you have racing thoughts or are you perceiving time differently than usual? What’s behind the question?

Out of curiosity, are you acting on this restlessness at all? Like by trying to do school or work? It seems not worth it unless you make a good amount if disability and housing vouchers are involved…

no, not right now… right now I’m on disability but I had a really bad psychotic break so I’m just taking it easy. I was doing really well during one point in my illness so I’m just working with my Social Worker to get back to that place again…

A Facebook friend once posted something that says you are defined by your attitude when you are wealthy and your patience when you are not. that said, asking around with friends might be a good way to find work. That’s how I got a stay at home job for a while… You’ll get better.

That’s a really good saying and I agree with that. Thankyou friend :kissing_smiling_eyes: