Could i have a medical malpractice lawsuit?

I almost died in 2016. I got violent at a state hospital and they strapped me down to a chair then shot me up. I got shot up with ativan, haldol, geodon, Zyprexa, Thorazine and benadryl. My lips turned blue and I coded and they rushed me to the hospital immediately.

Some states would consider that too long ago…did you suffer any permanent damage? And can you find a dr that would give you an affidavit?

I’m not sure of the statute of limitations in your neck of the world. I’d think it would be a hard case to try. I’m not sure of the laws where you are. You’d have to prove someone was negligent. I’m not sure that would qualify but I’m just an internet hack.

Plenty of free lawyers out there who’d at least let you know!

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Could get statement from nurse who gave the shots.

Talk to an attorney but in most states that won’t fly, sorry. Has to be an expert witness. Plus, other than mental anguish, in most states you have to prove permanent damage…I got ■■■■■■ over by a dr unfortunately…but couldn’t get the case to trial

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Well now I’m more violent and the hallucinations seem to be worse. I’m having night terrors and flashbacks and I stutter

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Can you get an affidavit, though. Seriously tal to someone,ya don’t wanna be hanging onto this…it’s alreáy been prolly too long to do jack…

They could say you were violent. I have never heard of an sz patient collecting for malpractice.

@Saint, In the U.S., you don’t have a case for malpractice unless you either died (permanently), or suffered from permanent damage related to bad care. I know. I used to be a hospital R.N. in the U.S. And, there are statutes of limitations that vary according to each state. In some states, you can sue for pain and suffering. But, again, there are statutes of limitations.

All I know is that medical malpractice is expensive and hard to prove. I think you could probably get a free consultation with a lawyer though, and they would be able to tell you more about whether or not you might have a case.

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I don’t think you have any chance of winning a lawsuit. But reading this reminds me of bad memories I have of being in mental hospitals. Not as bad as what happened to you though.

You should be able to sue the ■■■■ out of them. Wow. Sorry you had to go through that.