Could i cut my meals in half to lose weight?

could i cut my meals in half to lose weight? take in let’s say 1500 calories a day

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Yes, portion control is important.

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Exercise if also very important. I’ve been wanting to do some walking, but I did some rope jumping and my right knee stiffened up. I’m trying to get that healed before I do more exercise on it.

You won’t be able to stick to 1500 start with 2500, then drop it if you stop losing weight.

You can first start off by cutting out sugar, sweets, soda, etc…

See how it goes from there.

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I’m cutting mine down to 1200 calories just for a month. 1500 should be fine.

after I got sick, my goal was to eat at least that many a day. that’s crazy, bc I still struggle to eat that much in a day… but I’ll tell ya right now, the fewer calories you eat, the more weight you lose. and it doesn’t even matter about eating more healthy (unless you want to, or feel the need to) but I agree with the above comments. gradually start eating less, don’t just attempt to drop 1500 calories overnight from your daily intake. you’ll get sick. shrink your tummy, the right way :smile:

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