Could I become a psychiatric nurse?

I have recovered from schizophrenia. I am stable on Abilify. As part of the recruitment process for the course, they perform a medical assessment so I’m worried I would fail. I’m thinking about going back to University at 30. Are those diagnosed with schizophrenia allowed to work in such occupations?


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Absolutely. Just uh, don’t tell them you were diagnosed with sz LOL.

I recently applied to a nursing program. They said they had the right to refuse anyone with any sort of mental illness. This concerned me and I did further research but they mean like if you are unstable with mental illness and thus don’t function very well/would be missing a lot of work days/etc. It’s still discriminatory in my opinion but you should be fine so long as you keep quiet and stay stable.

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I think you might have used the wrong word up there. Just trying to find some truth to speak. Erez seems to ignore anything about drs so I’m going to stop asking. How you doing?

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Moon do u think something will come to us like effective treatment in our lifetime…

It is a high stress job. You would be putting yourself under a lot of pressure. But It is a great thing that you want to help others with this illness. Also, psychiatric Nurses are in demand. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you apply and be sure you know what you are letting yourself into.

I don’t think erez is very well right now. I’d avoid talking with them for now if I were you :disappointed:

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Has for me, I bet there’s a good recipe out right now but it’s just not being used. I’ll point out modafinil as proof of that. That drug makes me functional for what it does, but it’s just not used for most people. I’m not holding out for 1 miracle drug because we all know these drugs affect people differently

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Anna I agree, frustrates me greatly though

I might try it soon …

Yeah, not much we can do though. Ya can lead a schizophrenic to a doctor and medication but ya can’t make em listen or take it :triumph::triumph:

No and his delusional / magical thinking is so severe makes me want to help him. But I think I’ve said all I can and there’s no point in getting worked up about it

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Don’t lie about your condition as you’ll be found out sooner or later. Just ask a psychiatric nurse the next time you see them if you can become one with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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