Could have had any man

and he knows it, Phil.

no man ever went with us to all those CF appointments for my daughter.

this was’t like be needy affection, or whatever.

I say this to Phil today, and he says,
“Live in your misery, Sheri.”

he’s a fu-ck-er. he’s a total fu-ck-er


What do you think they thought, Sheri? the healthcare team.
couldn’t read what they thought.
there were other mothers alone in the clinic.
they’re kids were very sick.

hmmm, disappointed, you guys.
tis okay.

I hope you don’t stay angry with Phil over his comments

It must be good to have him around even if you irritate each other sometimes, or just simply say the wrong thing

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what is a CF appointment, Daze?

ohh, now you’re “Sweet Dog” okay, got it.
a clinic visit, where she sees everybody.
a team.

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sucks that Phil made a comment like that. But he prob also got his good points, right?

if he does in his mind and it’s against me and my kids,
in unacceptable.

are your kids from a different man? Or are they his kids too?

not his kids. thanks for asking.
I’m going to lie down now.
been up since before 2 a.m.
see you.

ok take care Daze =)

Goodnight Daze :hugs:

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