Could Covid 19 Actually Help Some Of Us With Schizophrenia?

We’re not crazy :expressionless:

Speak for yourself. I’m off my rocker!


Okay, let’s be frank. @ninjastar didn’t ruin it for @Aziz.

She just wrecked it a lot.


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To be clear, my friend is not a neurotypical. She has MH struggles just like the rest of us which is why she is the dedicated crisis nurse at her ER. Her experiences make her great at her job.

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COVID-19 has increased unhealthy coping mechanisms for me and has unsettled me mentally.

I’m even more fixated on my sza now. This corona stress has aggravated my coping levels and I’m more irritable and depressed now and hearing voices maybe a bit more. Plus I have a bad tooth that started acting up again and now I can’t sleep. Triple troubles. It’s enough to make me suicidal!! But my husband is very supportive and I can’t do that to him as I love him so much.

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Hope you feel better soon.

Good to see you around.

I am stable and so happy to not be psychotic and to have family n bf and support and community etc.

I think we have done rather well here most of us seem able to manage somewhat so far.:two_hearts:

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I’ve been hallucinating more and kinda paranoid. I don’t think it’s helping me out too much.

I’m worried about my grandparents. But they are staying indoors. Also worried about my mum cause she is a nurse for the elderly and still working

I don’t really care if I get it.

It has definately put things into perspective for me.

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It’s helped me get out of my head for sure, well the sz part. But my anxiety is pretty high which has caused me to use more nicotine than usual. But I also try my best to stay positive and precautious about not getting physically sick so my family doesn’t get sick.

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