Could a heroin overdose cause sz?

When I was between 19 and 20 I od’d on heroin and almost died. It took two shots of Narcan to revive me. I had thrown up and aspirated on it in my right lung I developed pneumonia. I don’t know if I lost oxygen to my brain, but I’ve been wondering lately if this experience could have flipped the switch into psychosis for me.

Well sedatives are more likely to cause sz than even amphetamines!!! Believe it or not! Don’t dwell on your cause of sz! There’s a low risk of sedatives and sz, but there is a risk. I wish you weren’t suffering so much with shame and sz. I like you @MeghillaGorilla1


If you did a study of that thesis it would be hard to distinguish between correlation and causality. Someone who is unstable enough to od on heroin is more likely to be sz in the first place. Personally, I believe that the heroin did play a role in the development of your sz, but I would have a hard time proving that. You could site statistics about heroin overdoses and schizophrenia, but it would still be hard to distinguish between correlation and causality. Personally, I believe that alcohol played a role in the development of my sz, but I would have a hard time distinguishing between correlation and causality with that too.


I have googled around and found information about organic brain disorder and drug overdose. I have a cousin who used crack, meth, pot and suffers psychosis but has a bi polar dx.


Thanks nicehat. I think I have bipolar disorder too. But I have severe psychotic breaks. I have had like ten of them. It’s amazing I can even go out of the house, which I don’t do very often. When it gets too be too much to bare like it’s been lately, I start looking for reasons as to why this happened to me.
I’m sure that drugs played a major role in my development of this disorder.

I think SZ was around way before designer drugs. Personally I have know ppl that have been on drugs their whole life and no sz. I bet if I tried heroin it would send me directly into phycosis. I am scared to even drink more than one drink in a day

Drugs have been around as long as humans though. Monkeys took magic mushrooms which Terence McKenna claimed was responsible for such a fast evolution among primates. Those drugs are gambles though. They can make you more creative but could also create lifelong mental problems. Or if you’re semi lucky like me they can do both? Opium has been around a long long time. So has marijuana. Sure drugs are on the rise but certain cultures took these three drugs as rituals. For as long as we can account for. I think technology is more responsible for a rise in MI, and over diagnosing /prescribing. But drugs can play a factor. Just being real here.

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Ya your right. It struck a nerve with me cause my father in law thinks that this happen cause I smoked pot when I was a teen not even a lot. But my simptoms were there way before that. He kind acts like I deserve this cause of it.

No one deserves this illness! One thing in your post I definitely should have acknowledged is many people take drugs and never get mental illness!!! True that. I’ve just been thinking a lot lately about the study that recently came out on drugs causing schizophrenia. The risks with each drug. Did you see that study? Been on my mind.

Ya I have read most of the study’s. Something think there are 8 diffrent sz types. I really wish they would find out what causes it so maybe it could be fixed. I also read dementia looks similar.

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I can see illegal drugs contributing to a lot of mood disorders.