Could a cat be my reason for living?

The only one I feel consistently positive about is our cat, Ashton. People are more likely to feel like strangers to me.


i really liked my cat too… i’m still so bummed that she passed away. Miss her every day =(.
I hope you can enjoy times with your cat for long time still!


I think it matters what you’re living for, as long as there’s someone/thing. I think a pet is a wonderful thing to live for.

  • don’t think it matters.

I’m pretty sure that providing room service is why my cat thinks I exist. Furry punk.


I love their unapologetic selfishness.


my cat is my princess and when i had thoughts about harming her i was so distressed i ended up in a&e! so i definitely feel like my kitty cat is partly my reason for life.


Oh definitely. 100%. And don’t feel ashamed about it.


Who don’t think it matters?

In my first comment I forgot the word ‘don’t’ but it was too late to edit.

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I’m currently hearing about the hole in the bottom of the food dish. It’s actually still half full, but starvation is imminent if you can see the bottom of the dish.


I gave up my precious cat, Simba, in order to move in with my ex gf. And that only lasted 8 months. Now, I have no gf and more devastatingly, no cat.


Anything can be your reason for living. Find anything and everything that will keep you on this earth and cling to it. Animals are great but they dont last so i always try tp find some action that i enjoy thst keeps me here such as art. Art and my dog are my reasons for living.


My heart hurts every day thinking about Bella and cleo. I’m glad they have good homes. Still miss them so much.

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My cat is my very best friend. And I know my buddy Dan feels the same way about his. No shame or harm in that. It’s the closest thing to unconditional love I have ever experienced personally


I’m sorry to hear that. That must be hard. Hopefully things will get better for you

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My sweet little furry buddies. I miss them.


Hmm. . .

I Have Sincere And Profound Love For Animals.

I Even Have A Little Place In My Heart For Trees. Yes…, Flowers Too. I Mean, Of Course!.

Point Is,

I Had A Cat, Well Two Cats. Both A Slightly Sad Tale Of Confusion Of Weathering Endless Storms.

But!, We Had Each Other.

And In The End…, That’s All That Matters. . . . . . .

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:


Things are not so bad for me at all. Because I got the Higher Power.

you may like cats and dogs , but your a human. and need to talk with people you live with and area you live in. nice cop out.