Cotton swabbed test for Prediction of Medication that will Work

Hello friends,

Today I saw my doctor, and he wanted to try this new thing on me. Said I was the first in the agency to try this. He swabbed the inside of my cheeks with four q-tips, got them wet with saliva, and will then send them to the lab. This is supposed to predict which medications will work for me, as I have apparently been treatment resistant. Have any of you ever had this done before? Is it effective?

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No, that’s new to me.

Interesting… I have an appointment again on the 22nd, We’ll see what the results are. Take care Nick!

I think I have read articles on this. Supposed to be very promising. Good luck!

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Cotton swabbed? to find out which meds work for someone is a cool concept. I guess the future has arrived already - pretty neat!

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I was cotton swabbed by the police once…gave me some bull about some new Homeland Security measure…


There was a great article about this on a few years ago.

Six months ago, psychiatric nurse practitioner Laura Leahy decided to try a little-used kind of testing to help a patient who had suffered from profound depression for more than 30 years.

Leahy, RN, MSN, APN, PMHNP/CNS-BC said the patient cried daily, had regular migraines and fatigue, didn’t want to get out of bed and had lost the will and energy to enjoy life.

She had tried numerous therapists, multiple medications and 18 electroconvulsive therapy treatments.

So Leahy, who has a private practice called APNSolutions in Vineland, N.J., sent a saliva sample to Genomind in Chalfont, Pa., for a genetic test to check the patient’s DNA for clues.

I’m very glad to see that practices are embracing this valuable tool to tailor treatments to their patients.

Let us know how it works out for you!




I’ve never heard of this, but I’m glad your finally seeing a doc, getting some time to stop running.

I hope this gives you some new results.

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Wow-never heard of this! Another new thing to tell the doctor about!!

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Thanks SurprisedJ! I went in as a crisis walk-in today as I was feeling so awful. I talked to a social worker and then another doctor and he got me some more meds that will help. I think these people are so wonderful and it’s great that they emphasize with you. I really like my doc, what a great guy! Feeling much better, but still anxious and shaky. Was smoking cigars and jogging at one in the morning to get rid of the anxiety fits. Seeing the doc again on Monday to tell them if the meds work.

Hope you have a great doctor like mine J! Have happy days and take care! :smile:

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Thanks for posting that link! :smile:

I’ll share my results as soon as I get them, I see the doc on Monday and Friday.

Take care radmedtech!

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It’s a DNA test…they are taking DNA. Now you are in a national database. When done by doctors it’s probably being stored in some deep underground gov facility LOL… not kidding…
anyways, swabbing the inside of cheeks is how they take DNA…so they are probably trying to match some drugs to your DNA i would think?

Interesting - please let us know more when you find out more about what they did, and what it showed for you. Sounds very interesting. What state/country are you in?

Thanks Admin! I will let you know for sure when the results come back :smile: Will probably be Friday the 22nd.

I live in Alpena, Michigan.

Take care Admin!

Thank you for posting. I read about this awhile back and like all new stuff you are like when will it be available here.