Cost of living crisis

Hi there

Im sort of new here

I just wondered how y’all are coping with costs increasing. Disability doesn’t go very far, oil, petrol, bills getting higher

Im having to eat lot less now i live in the Uk

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Rather used to poverty… haven’t had central heating for 2 years, only switch it on for a shower. So I am used to such conditions and doesn’t affect me much, other than doubling down on the frugality. Seems we get used to a lifestyle. Now I don’t even notice when central heating is off. I just put on warm sweaters and have a small electric heater. Slashed my bills back by 50%.

So I am ok. For food, already bought some extra oils and flour before the wars. Flour is almost gone, but not using much as switched to oats. For cooking oil: Rice oil is good, can withstand the hottest temperature without fuming. Better than sunflower oil in my opinion.


@anon84628834 you have some really good ideas to save money thanks for sharing! :blush:

Im sorry im headache now feeling rough

I eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Eggs for breakfast. I dress in clothes from discount stores. I just have to watch my pennies and I believe I’ll be fine.

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Tear inducing.

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I eat eggs for dinner sometime i just eat hardly anything now

@firemonkey thanks for sharing mate
You are a walking book of useful links and knowledge thanks
Its crazy the gas and electric prices
I worry my family might struggle my parents are pensioners and my sister is a single mum to 3 autistic children
I was fortunate to fix price last August, for two years
Petrol and food is affecting me the most and its going up and up

Oh and price of tobacco is ridiculous!

I live in South Coast England.

With these costs going up, I am not sure I can keep my mortgage

That means selling and moving up north where my step brother lives, but I will miss out on being with my parents as they age

It’s a tough call, but I can only be financially ruined once, and then it will be impossible to be in my situation right now where I am eligible for borrowing from the bank

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Quitting the tobacco should definitely be a priority. I know it sucks, but there are other, cheaper, things you can spend your time enjoying.

As for food, cooking your own meals really makes a big difference in cost. I started a garden in my kitchen from scraps so I can save on produce. Celery, potatoes, onions, etc. can all be kept going from scraps.


@Joker i don’t know if severn trent are your water company but they do a savings scheme for low income its called the big difference scheme

I hope to god you can keep your house mate i will send you my best wishes that it all works out for you. You deserve a break!

@LED my sister quit smoking with prescribed champix but the doctor wont give me it cos it exasperates suicidal thoughts
Ive tried quitting and an ecig about 20 times in past few months. Im desperate to quit


Just keep trying. Even just one less a day makes a big difference over time. You’ll get there.


While that’s undoubtedly true if you have limited cooking skills and organising and planning difficulties it’s easier said than done. The ideal would be to have a weekly meal plan but I’m feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I can’t cope well with anything involving lots of preparing and ingredients.and that requires. more than a little coordinating .

From time to time I pay my (s) daughter to make some dishes for me.

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well, you’re not Brand new. what difference does that make?

maybe you didn’t see my inflation posts.
no big deal.

yeah, to repeat myself my dad says prices are up cuz workers are demanding more money, among other things with inflation.

Yeah, meal plans are kind of a must to keep food from spoiling before it gets used. But if you have your SD help you come up with a two week plan that you can just reuse every fortnight that could help you make it work. Cooking your own meals doesn’t have to be complex. It can be grilled cheese, pizza on naan, scrabbled eggs and toast, etc.


My nutritionist told me to drink a tablespoonful of rice bran oil a day. So I do. What else is rice bran oil good for? I mean, I have it on hand!

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I can do scrambled eggs. I can also do a non folding alternative to an omelette . The ingredients are mixed like you would for an omelette. It’s then 3 minutes on the hob and 3 minutes under the grill till done. While it’s easy to do it’s not exactly ideal at a time like now when energy costs are rising dramatically.


Cereal has nutrients , eggs, yoghurt cheese
Hubby cooks basically easy cos he cant cook much he did mash potatoes, veggies and breaded fish today
I worry sometimes that i dont eat enough veggies only have them twice week usually

I take a multi vitamin since I don’t get a lot of my nutrients from the food I usually can afford. you might try that to help your nutrition.

When buying groceries, look at products less than 1, helps. Previously I would just load up my cart, now I take lowest price. Having more for less.

Not good at cooking to be honest, but I make my own food. Even baking bread and cookies sometimes. Oatmeal is my staple, very versatile and cheap and healthy too.

Sometimes make my own soda: water, squeezed lemon, tea spoon of citric acid for preservative and some sugar to make a nice lemon soda when chilled for a few hours.


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