Cost Of Living Adjustment for Social Security over the years
Kind of a bad trend.

Adjustments are getting smaller and smaller

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2009, 2010, and 2015 had no adjustments at all.

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Yeah it’s getting worse over here in Australia too.

In the 1980’s I could rent away from home in a share house, smoke a pack of cigs a day and always had money for pot and beer.

Gawd. You can’t do that now and haven’t had anything concrete for 15 years or so.

It forces me to live on the pension. That pays better but I can’t work. Lucky I have some volunteering because full time work does my head in. So much for the welfare state!

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I guess inflation wasn’t as bad as it used to be? I don’t know.

Nope. It actually got worse. Also the economy has gone through ups and downs sin the big boom after the great depression but each “up” is never as big as the last one.

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