Cosplay ideas?


Hey guys. I’m going to a cosplay party in a few weeks, and I was originally going to go as Dirk Gently, but now I have bright purple/pinkish hair. Does anyone know of a good character I can cosplay with short purple or pink hair? Preferably a guy, but I’m not picky. The theme is sci-fi, but any genre would be fine.

I have short hair, so that would be preferable. I am also willing to do a mohawk/shave it bald.


Well its not a guy but Nymphadora Tonks from harry potter could change her hair and she would wear it purple.

You could make a mohawk and go for a mad max wasteland look.

Sorry I dont have a lot of ideas.


How did I not think of Tonks!!! She’s perfect!!!


You could be Sakura from Naruto, but she’s not a male.


Google “Captain Marvel Mohawk”

That’s all I can think of


Image result for mr. greedy

This is what I would be.


how about leela from futurama :slight_smile:


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