Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Did anyone see this?

I kind of missed my shot back when it was airing on TV… but I haven’t heard much about it so it’s hard to tell if I missed anything by not watching it.

Is it worth tracking down in your opinion?


I liked it. It’s on US Netflix if you have a subscription.

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Ah thanks… I dont have one (yet :))

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Yes I liked this program, very pretty space

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Did you see the original cosmos?

Yeah… Thats why i wondering…

I did see the first episode and wasnt really impressed. But they had to end up talking about something good in there.

Definitely worth tracking down, yes.

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I saw on YouTube that they think they could have seen signs of intelligent life on a planet 1400 light years away. Something is blocking a lot of the light from this planet’s sun. One theory is that it is a giant array of solar panels. They’re not saying it’s definitely intelligent life, but it is a strong possibility.

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It’s cool, but then again, mere images of space accompanied by music is cool enough for me.

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Its great. I think you can find many episodes on Youtube:

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Perhaps that sun is surrounded by a Dyson sphere, or perhaps a Tyson sphere, hee hee.


That’s what they were saying. They said it could be due to a natural phenonema, but it also could be fabricated. They said if was due to comets colliding, or something like that, there would be glowing dust around it.

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