Cortical thickness in schizophrenia (meta-analysis, 2022; via Twitter)

“This meta-analysis found that the onset of psychosis was not associated with robust loss of cortical thickness, but accelerated age-related cortical thinning was found in the frontotemporal regions following illness onset.”

# Cortical Thickness Abnormalities at Different Stages of the Illness Course in SchizophreniaA Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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I feel like my brain is shrinking over time since sz. The study is right I feel.

There was a bombshell analysis recently, according to which a lot of brain scanning studies cannot be trusted, because they have been done on very small samples. Small samples lead to statistical deviations of all sorts. Therefore any kinds of statements based on brain scanning studies should be taken with a grain of salt.


I’m pleased to report that I still have a swollen head after having SZ for over a quarter century.

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