Actually the number of hours per week with a $15 hour work (40 hour work month) would be about 2 hours/day or 10 hours/week which is slightly better but not wonderful. sorry for the error.

can you link to the post you’re correcting plz

Thats 1000 dollars. Not sure. Substantial gainful employment is over that for 2021. I would look at the source.

I hate retail. But would look into home depot part time for myself learning equipment and tools. My step dad works at lowes.

I probably would get 14 an hour (min wage here…).

That or a better or different job through dor…mom told me to do dor soon.

The ‘living wage’ according to google (not sure if updated) is 18 dollars an hour plus change but not sure what year it is. It should be california. It makes sense but that’s a lot of money and I’m assuming close to full time work or full time work. That’s like 3k a month at least. That would be nice some day.

“What a $15/hr minimum wage mean for SSDI Work Incentives”.

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