Correcting myself

I find I’m correcting myself in every way possible that is what has lead me on the road of recovery.

The Road of recovery must be around somewhere because I keep missing the exit. But honestly as long as I am doing good not relapsing thats what the Road of recovery is to me.

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I remember the first time I had insight into being mentally ill. I was in the thick of a severe case of OCD when I was 15. I was doing my nightly bathroom ritual and it I was so anxious, worrying about the number of times I stroked my back teeth and rinsing my mouth out with passion, when I just looked in the mirror and saw a sick person.

Now I snip delusions in the bud and dont let them stay in my mind. It’s an acquired skill to have strong insight, I am reading a book called “The Mind and the Brain” which is about neuroplasticity and how we can correct faulty brain wiring through willpower and insight. I believe that strong insight is crucial to complete recovery- people improve with medication alone, but insight and cognitive-behavioral therapy seems to make people completely recover and enter remission.

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When I correct myself I get tied in knots. And I think Not.

Is there anyway you can list the author? I would be interested in this book.

Jeffrey Schwartz. Did you know posts have to be 20 characters long? It wouldnt let me just type his name

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Thank you for the author.

yeah, I knew about the 20 character thing. That’s why you see so many post here with long lines of dots. …

that explains alot…