Correct diagnosis?


I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia about 6 years ago. I contested my diagnosis at the time but to no avail. I have been on Risperdal Consta injection and Procyclidine for the side effects of Risperdal. Recently I realized I wasn’t forced to take the meds so ten weeks ago I stopped. This was because I was fed up feeling like I was constantly cycling up a hill with a hangover (not alcohol related). I thought the meds were causing me to feel like this. But ten weeks off the meds and I feel the same. At no point before my diagnosis , during my sectioning or since taking the meds or since stopping the meds have I heard voices or had hallucinations. I have been reading about fibromyalgia and my symptoms seem more akin to this than paranoid schizophrenia. Does anyone have any experience of these two diagnosis being mixed up?