Corporations not taking any loss on costs driving up inflation

the big corporations in charge of distribution of goods are marking up goods because the cost went up…they could easily swallow the cost and pass on good prices to us, they just don’t care.

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Look for products from Newman’s Own in the organic section. That company keeps their prices really low. It’s affordable organic, all the profits go to charity. The salsa is the best.

The other thing you can do is shop the sales and use coupons. Store brand is usually name brand with a different label. Try emailing companies and complimenting their product, they will usually send a bunch of nice coupons out. I also am not shy about emailing complaints, that gets you even bigger coupons. Buy large and freeze, a little more money gets you double so you can save some for another time.

You are right, they don’t care. But you have control over who you give your money to. Spend it wisely.


huh, so you’re not angry about corporations ripping off america? buy large and freeze is your answer? what about when prices skyrocket and I can’t buy food or gas anymore??

I think we are all paying the price of the war and the help of Ukraine.

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I just heard - my spouse’s close friend lost half her 401k. Shes freaking out.

Hope its just a temporary market drop.

It all has to do with the cost of gas. Airline tickets are way too high right now. A ticket to fly from New Orleans to Phoenix costs more now than I used to pay to fly from Atlanta to Tokyo.

I won’t get into politics but 2024 will fix it.


if you don’t want to talk politics don’t mention the election…this thread could turn political on a dime.

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The rising cost of fuel is showing up in EVERYTHING that is shipped to a store.


I’m not angry at corporations for freely charging what they want for the products and services they sell. No. I don’t get angry at things like that. If you don’t like what someone is doing while they are acting completely within their rights then move on. Spend your money elsewhere. You are talking like you have to buy these things. No one is forcing you. Get a bus pass. Buy vegetables, rice and beans. You are choosing to give them your money and then resenting them.

do you have any idea how much corporations make??? they are making record profits…they could swallow the extra cost…but no, they like money…I don’t like your attitude towards me. @Leaf

Keep it civil people. It’s ok to have differing points of view.

Not the one I work for. It has been a lean year. Insurance premiums may be going up, but that rising tide isn’t lifting our boat right now.

They’re going to put that ego maniacal fascist back in office. He had some good ideas but he didn’t have the heart or temperament to be president. Anyone who wants that job should be forbidden from having it.

No politics @crazydiamond444 . @TomCat probably shouldn’t have brought it up by inference but your response is just continuing it. We don’t do politics here.

Darn it.

I was thinking of “coming out” (from under the couch) and running for POTUS down south.

I’d get @#$% sorted, yes sir.


I’m flagging this political nonsense! Lol

@Bowens wants more flags to toss out. Lol


If you cant be civil, ypu can sit out.

Im real tored of bs today. I suggest everyone be on theor best behavior.

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