Corona virus

Do you think its gonna wipe out some of the population soon? The vaccine is gonna take 18 months or something i heard. The US military is already setting up quarantine camps by military bases. People are jumping out of buildings in China and some chinese medical staff is whistle blowing.

So far the news getting out of China is controlled and most arent sure how bad it is.

So do you think this is gonna be like SARS, where it just dies down and forgotten about, or do you think its gonna become a world wide pandemic?

It will pass…

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I think it’ll spread more but then I think we’ll get a vaccine and it’ll die down.

We have had a case in my home town and we’re nothing special, thousands of miles away from Wuhan.

I really hope it doesn’t spread here.

Some brain dead person in the uk thought they had it so they got a taxi and went to accident and emergency. Now anyone they were in contact could have been affected.

I think it will get worse before it gets better. But it will get better.


is it a problem in america, not here in europe??

There have only been 2 deaths outside of China.

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The 15k case bump was due to new regulations allowing clinically diagnosed people to be added to the case count. Today should be low again. I imagine less than 3k cases worldwide.

I don’t know if what I was reading was like major fake news but I thought I saw somewhere that there were 50,000 confirmed deaths in China due to the cronavirus? I’m hoping that’s false information.

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@Hanna_Foxx there are 50,000ish confirmed cases, but only around 900 deaths.

There’s the statistics for today.

@ninjastar okay that makes me feel better

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A bunch of canadians are on a cruise ship where they got infected with the virus. They are currently in Japan in quarantine.

What do you do @Ish

Office work …

Sorry deleted the post i feel I shouldn’t be discussing too much :flushed:

I get my updates from this stream:

They update their stats once a day, 4 pm PST roughly.

I’m a bit worried about this disease.
Cos of it taking two weeks before symptoms show up, and one is infectious during that whole symptom free period.
And we have the London underground which is like a petri dish for coronavirus.

fake news for sure…I will post some later about what Ive read from reputable sources.