Corona Easter 2020

So it was just dad and I. I didn’t drink too much as I’m watching my weight so no fights with myself or others. I did eat way too much over the day and have a good time…Still.

I facetimed with my sister and niece. The boys were out working because of some electrical drama at my brother in laws place so that was nice. Facetimed with my brother and my new niece Poppy with her eating some chocolate in the high chair. My gawd I’m not wanting to be in that house tomorrow when the little dear comes down off that sugar high…

So. Bit of a blah day. Did my exercise and keeping on the path to wellness but sad we couldn’t catch up with the peeps. It’s a bit weird for sure so let us know how you do easter Sunday this year…I know you American peeps aren’t quite there yet…Much peace.


Sounds like you had a nice Easter @rogueone :rabbit: :sunflower: :blossom: :tulip:

I plan on staying home with my wee doggie, pretty much the same as every other day in these times of shelter-in-place. :dog: :slightly_smiling_face:

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sounds like a good time.

here i just woke up for easter a couple hours ago. for breakfast dad made eggs and biscuits and gravy. him and mom are listening to a sermon right now in the other room. later this evening dad is going to fire up the grill and throw on some new york strip steaks. i keep trying to get him to let me have a couple natural lights, a cheap beer here, but he says i must wait til monday, since i had a couple on friday.

that’s about it, it will be an otherwise uneventful day, the weather isn’t great as we had a bit of a cold front move in, with clouds and light rain. won’t warm back up until the 19th. so going to be inside all day i guess.


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