Coping with self destructive feelings

So yeah I know quitting meds means I have to deal with the difficult emotions . I am trying to cope with several of them, doing ok so far.
If you could list your coping skills I’d really appreciate it.

I’m working on learning skills too.

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I do a lot of Writing. It’s the only way for me to get perspective on my life really. I find water really theraputic. Showers, swimming, anything with water. Spiritual practices, meditation and prayer both, being outside in nature and yoga. Thing is, it’s winter here now and I suck at being inside. I’m a wild child


I don’t know why I’m getting this feeling or what exactly it is. Anxiety maybe?

I just feel like I have to freak out. But not much is happening in my life, I literally have nothing to really freak out over, but small things turn into catastrophes for a short period.

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