Coping with Schizophrenia - New Video from the UK Royal College of Psychiatry

What do you think of this new video?

This short video explores what it is to have schizophrenia, what causes it and how to help yourself and others with this information. The film was produced by the RCPsych Public Engagement Committee in conjunction with Damn Fine Media.


A good, basic primer.

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Pretty positive message. Maybe a little simplistic.

They spelled “coordinator” in “Care Coordinator” wrong. 1:27

Suuuuper simplified video but not bad at all.

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Hmm, a pretty optimistic end. It makes having schizophrenia look like having the flu though.


The simplistic approach might help take the weight off it. But it can sound also like it’s simple to manage and maybe too positive. The animation is cool though.

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personally i thought it was rubbish…
good for children from the ages of 5 to 8…
but otherwise slightly insulting…like we sz are morons and have to be shown pictures !?!
who is the target market ?
and why a welsh accent…lol :scream: ?
seriously…when some parts of the world ’ open dialogue’ ( finland ) are pushing ahead with therapy…the u.k comes up with this genius cartoon !?!
then i love how they push the meds straight away !?!
how many people come on to this forum and say; " i’m taking the meds, why have the voices not gone away ? ".
if meds were the only solution we would all be cured.
the ones that get completely cured are often miss diagnosed…or have acute sz.
take care :alien:


I think it also makes the important point that everyone experiences some of the symptoms just to a lesser degree!

Did anyone else find it slightly patronising, but I’m happy that it also mentioned feeling things that aren’t there!

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I get that last set of symptoms a lot. And I don’t know how to communicate it.

What, being uncomfortable around other people?

I get that a lot, too… so I tell B or whoever else is around that I’m not feeling too well, and I’m going up to bed early. When I started doing this B would usually interpret it as me being angry about something and not wanting to talk, so I sometimes reassure him that no, I just want to be alone for a little while. Sometimes I have to repeat this a few times. Sometimes I just can’t get the space I need, because my house tends to be rather busy, and in those cases I take half of my Seroquel early so I can cope a bit better, try to keep myself distanced from others, and get to bed ASAP.

If it’s because of feeling overwhelmed, loud voices / visual hallucinations, paranoia, or just creepy suspicious feelings, I take a nap. Hit the brain reset button.

Sometimes I’m too uncomfortable to do even that. So I go take a bath or a shower instead. Then I come back and listen to loud music on headphones, with my eyes closed. That usually helps soothe the discomfort a bit, and sometimes it can ease hallucinatory symptoms.

If it’s because I just don’t want to be social, I use the time for writing or something else I enjoy that will calm me down.

What do you do when you feel that way?

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I usually hide in the bedroom or avoid the person at all costs. What I was really referring to is the emotional issues and the zapped interest in life. I go to the gym alot but I still find it hard to stay motivated sometimes.