Coping with avolition

How do I cope with being avolition / catatonic…

Where my body feels unable, or even denies me doing things. Plus, the voices continually say that I cannot do something when I suggest doing something. Was unable to draw for about 20 years, then meds helped me with creativity. But it wanes again.

I don’t like sitting in a chair all day, makes me feel worthless… even cleaning the house seems impossible.

Writing with pen and paper is comforting, though. The voices don’t object to that as much.

How to get things going… any suggestions from experience?

My routine is simple: wakeup, sit in my chair, drink coffee and smoke. In front of my laptop. That is about it, then im happy when I feel tired so I can lay dow and sleep. it is the height of my day. When I want to do something, the voices interfere and want me to do nothing. They even say to me: do nothing.

Makes me angry…

Sounds more like avolition than catatonia

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Didn’t know that. Thank you.

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