Coping? What does it mean?

I think the medication is responsible for quite a lot of the keeping calm. I have my moments, but nothing like it was pre being on the depot .

I can still get inwardly stressed about things that are going to occur, but outwardly I do a bit better than I used to.

For me coping can be done in healthy ways and destructive ways. Drinking till I passed out was one way to cope with the voices,anxiety and depression. Staying sober and taking my meds is how I cope right now. The second is way harder but it keeps me out of the hospital.


Right, that is all coping skills. The meds may make you calm now but everybody can relate and understand you better than before. The meds help but you are coming through loud and clear.

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The definition is dealing effectively with a difficult situation. I think u r coping well. Making pressure smaller is important

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I think one major thing that helps was accepting I need help to function better. It’s good to be as independent as possible , but also not to let stubborn pride stop you from accepting help and support when you need it.

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