Coping strategies for mental convictions?

Can you guys tell me some strategies you use to cope with strong mental convictions?

Because I need some at this moment and for future knowledge, any extent is fine, just wondering what you guys use and maybe I can pick up some tools to help with my situation.

What I do is just try not to panic I’d say,


I try to tell myself that nothing really matters at the end of the day.

Lifes a bitch then u die

So who cares if I’m really psychic or jesus or Buddha or an alien or what or not?


What doctor mean by mental convictions?

Strong mental convictions

Mental- relating to mind
Convictions - like a form of being judged.

So I guess what I really mean is like intrusive thinking and auditory halluicenations, how do you cope with the strong negative ones.

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That seemed like a. Hard thing for me. My condition with my convictions is fluid except for the convictions that our elementary to me,and hopefully that gives me confidence. There r some great convictions I have in that they give me confidence, them things that our deeply rooted in me

U dont really know nor do i the truth of convictions, they might even stem from boredom.


Well to the extent if a conviction of mind is from oneself, or a mental shortage.

The dividing line probably being whether such is positive or negative in terms of self and self reflection/ing