Copay discrepancy

My insurance says my copay for paliperidone ER is $5. But my pharmacy wants $10. I’m assuming it’s their share of profit. I going to pay it, but in the meantime, I’m going to see if I can get it for $5 elsewhere.

I’m going to start it as soon as it comes in to the pharmacy tomorrow. They had to order it.


I know an extra 5 dollars isnt a lot, but heres something I found on that:

“When drugstores join a Part D plan, they agree to charge consumers the plan’s designated co-pay for each drug and to accept the plan’s reimbursement amount. In return, they get customers seeking low-cost drugs, customers who will buy additional items once inside the store.”

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I wonder if this applies to my pharmacy. I use the hospital outpatient pharmacy. It’s not a drugstore. Typically, my pharmacy charges less than CVS or Walgreens - the drugstores near me.

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