Cool tattoo?



That would definitely take a serious time and financial commitment,

But it’s a pretty bad-ass tattoo.


Nice, where do you wanna get the tattoo?

I want to get a ufo tattoo on my shoulder blade.

I have a folder of pics with tattooed people. it’s my go-to.

tattoo is cool, depending on its location…

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once a guy told me not to get a chest tattoo. I don’t even know if it means something

Do people still think tattoos are weird?

Works everytime huh?

He say no get one.

Every ■■■■■■■ time with this guy.

I going to change it dough, should say “disregard at present time”, later is fine.

Coolest tattoo in the world i’d say though right here:


How big do you intend for it to be cos it has a lot of detail so might have to go 3 times the size

No, he meant that your chest is pretty and that a tattoo would be a downgrade

I’ve met people who can do this tatoo they said it was “easy”